Information Technology

Mission Statement:
To support the mission of Haywood County Government departments by providing innovative and reliable technology solutions, quality service, and information resources as a professional and dependable team providing quality service as a benchmark for technology in local government.


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Excellence in Service


Description of Services
The Haywood County Information Technology Department provides a technology infrastructure and automation services to all Haywood County departments to support their operations and delivery of service to the public.

The Haywood County Information Technology Department provides the following services:

  • Planning, guidance, and leadership to Haywood County departments in the usage of information technology.
  • Standards and policies for hardware, software, networks, data and related methodologies.
  • Consulting assistance with information technology.
  • Hardware, software, networks, and automation services procurement consistent with Haywood County policy and State law.
  • Security related standards and policies to secure the information resources of Haywood Count against unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, and purposeful or accidental destruction.
  • Support of existing application systems.
  • Mobile device management, systems and network security.
  • Analysis, design, and the procurement or development of new application systems that are beneficial to Haywood County and its citizens.
  • Installation, training, and general support of computer system.
  • Management and operation of Haywood County Data Center and its associated data networks.

The Haywood County Information Technology Department endeavors to provide these services responsively, in a cost effective means, utilizing technology in an appropriate manner.