911 Addressing

The 9-1-1 Addressing Office provides a comprehensive and uniform system of permanent road addresses for all residences and businesses throughout the county in order to facilitate provision of adequate public safety and emergency response services. It is further designed to benefit the United States Postal Service, local business owners, and individual citizens by minimizing difficulty in locating properties and buildings. Route and Box number addresses have been replaced with numerical street addresses. The numerical street addresses will be assigned according to the distance a structure is located along a certain road. By using 1000 numbers to a mile, a structure 1/10 of a mile down the road on the right will have an address of 100, 1/2 mile on the right will be 500. Even numbers will be on the right side of the road and odd numbers will be on the left as numbers increase.


Addressing Forms

Address Request Form

Road Name for Subdivision Form

Missing Road Sign Form

Damaged Road Sign Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I apply for my physical address?

A. You can apply for a physical address as long as you have a driveway established or you can flag where your driveway will be located. Vacant land will not receive a physical address. You will need an address before you can apply for a building permit or telephone service.

Q. When do I place the numbers on my house and mailbox?

A. Within 30 days after you have been notified.

Q. Where do I post my address house number?

A. The address number must be displayed on the front of a building or at the entrance to a building which is most clearly visible from the road during both day and night. If a building is more than 75 feet from any road or is not visible from the road, the address number shall be displayed at the end of the driveway nearest the road which provides access to the building. The number shall be attached to a fence, gate, mailbox or the like adjacent to the road right-of-way. Numerals must be of contrasting color to the background and shall be plain block numeric numbers, not alpha print. It is recommended that these numbers be reflective to ensure better visibility.

Q. Who do I need to inform of my new address?

A. You need to notify everyone of your address including the telephone company, bank, utility company, cable company, Tax Office, Board of Elections and anyone else you do business with.

The objective of road naming is to eliminate duplicate of phonetically similar road names. Countywide road names and addresses will help law enforcement, fire and EMS or rescue squads save lives and property by reducing the time it takes them to reach the scene of an emergency. Prior to any plat being submitted to the Haywood County Planning Office, the developer will need to get approval-from the Addressing Office on any newly proposed road names. A road name shall be assigned to any public or private road, or roadway which provides access to two or more residences, businesses, industries, or combination thereof, regardless of the length of the road. The Addressing Office shall disapprove newly proposed road names that are duplicated or deceptively similar to the name of any other public or private road in the county. This shall include road names that have a different suffix.

Q. Can I change the name of my existing road?

A. Yes, you will need to contact the Addressing Office and obtain a Petition to Change the Name of The Road. This petition should include the existing road name, the proposed road name and the signatures of at least 90% of those persons owning property adjacent to the road. The fee to change a road name is $250.00 with an additional fee of $75.00 to cover legal advertisement, shall accompany any petition. In the event you get 100% of the signatures, the $75 fee will be waived..

Q. Where can I get a map of all the roads in Haywood County?

A. The Addressing Office has map booklets available for a minimal fee. Also, you may purchase a current updated fold out map of all roads in the county from the Land Records Office in the Courthouse for a minimal fee.

Q. My road sign has been stolen, who can I report this to?

A. The Addressing Office will make and install all new, missing and damaged signs. (See Form for Tracking Missing Road Signs and Form for Tracking Damaged Road Signs.)